‘It’s So Easy and Other Lies’: Film Review


Christopher Duddy’s documentary/concert film is based on the memoir by Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan.
The current Guns N’ Roses reunion provides a natural marketing hook for Christopher Duddy’s documentary based on its hard-living bass player Duff McKagan’s autobiography. An awkward blend of McKagan reading excerpts from his book during concerts with his band Loaded and standard documentary tropes including archival films and photographs and talking-head commentary, It’s So Easy and Other Lies makes for a tedious cinematic experience that will only be appreciated by McKagan’s hard-core fans. And even they’re likely to come away less than enthusiastic.

On the evidence of his presence here, McKagan seems like a genuinely nice guy, although the selections from his memoir suggest that his prose doesn’t exactly rival Keith Richards’ Life or Patti Smith’s Just Kids. But his story is certainly a heartfelt cautionary tale, concentrating largely (at least in the portions heard here) on his addiction to alcohol and drugs that nearly killed him when, as one commentator vividly describes it, his pancreas “exploded.”

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