5.1 Dolby Mixing & Mastering

5.1 Dolby sound mixing to make sure you’re blowing their hair back.

Explosions, gunshots, screeching tires, and the course of a calm wind have a crucial element in common, sound mixing. As one of our key senses, sound plays an important role when it comes to your projects. At our studios, we use top of the line mixing decks and sound engineers to enhance the picture experience with the highest quality of sound design.

We offer a complete sound mixing and mastering package that will guarantee professional sound design. Our engineers have decades worth of experience in sound mixing for feature films. Sound mixing is the process of combining multiple sources of sound into one or more audio channels, and this process is vital to creating a polished finished product. Our experienced mixers and engineers will customize your sound levels to enhance the tone of your project.


Once the sound process is finalized, we are able to transfer the recorded audio, raw files, and any source containing the sound mix onto a personal drive or a recommended one from our studio.

Provided by S&R Films’ equity partner Sugar Studios LA.

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