Rotoscoping & compositing for the perfect frame… Now you see it, now you don’t!

As the industry changes, we are constantly evolving and improving the styles of filmmaking. This includes visual effects in place of practical effects. Without having to go over budget or try an impossible task, our methods have now turned into tracing and replacing images in your film. This is called Rotoscoping.

We have industry professionals dedicated to upholding the highest quality of rotoscoping for your feature. Our technicians skillfully shape your picture with discipline and precision. This will help make any scene in need of digital replacement, easy and seamless.

Our post-production clients can also take advantage of our excellence in compositing. Composting is the combination of visual effects from various sources to create a single image. Whether, measuring the distance between your subject and the camera, or creating the right light effect for a scene, our on-site experts will guide your project to completion.

From Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to a blockbuster like The Avengers, both have one thing in common—a substantial amount of Rigs within the shots of their setups. It could be anything from stunt wiring rigs to accidental exposure of booms or cranes, we have the professionals to digitally remove specific visual accidents.

Our experts can also help you in removing any infringing content or unauthorized brands from your project. With speed and quality, we will be able to crop out the image and either remove it all together or replace it with a preference of your choice.

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