Original Music Scoring

5.1 Dolby sound mixing to make sure you’re blowing their hair back.

Music scoring can set the tone for your film, if not even defining it. With award-winning composer and musician, Bret Mazur, scoring your film, you’ll not only hear the tone for your film, you’ll feel it. Known as the front man and founder of Crazy Town, Bret has years of experience in both the film and music industries.

Music has the power to move us, to shape our experience throughout the journey of a film. From the beating of percussion drums, to the fine tune of string guitars, you’ll be able to mold your narrative the way a composer conducts his orchestra. With hands on guidance, you’ll have a variety of scoring methods at your disposal.

music-score-for-film_1 music-score-for-film_2

Provided by S&R Films’ equity partner Sugar Studios LA.

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