Title Design

Title design and your movie poster are your good first impression.

Pulling in an audience to your feature or short film can be achieved thanks to the artistic taste of your movie poster (key art) and the beginning credits and titling of your movie. This happens due to the eye catching art of title design. With our skilled graphic designers, you will be able to create whatever style you need that fits your film. Whether it’s designing a logo for your company or sculpting the perfect font for your credits, you’ll need powerful images to attract an audience.

The first eye-catcher for your movie is the poster (key art). It’s not only the picture or content you have on your key-art, but a bold and fresh title can be a powerful tool to attract your audience. From the shaping of your font to the coloring of your title, Sugar Studios will shape your key-art to not only fit your needs, but the needs of your audience.

Another aspect to your art design is having the right opening title to get your audience engaged within the first fifteen seconds of your film, so you want to make it count. In case you need convincing, our on-site graphic designer will sit down with you and personally over-see the process and suggest different avenues for your title.

As typography evolves, so shall we. With so many options to choose from, our hope is to find you the perfect spacing to the perfect font.

drunk-parents_poster game-change_poster angelica_poster

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