VO / ADR / Foley

ADR and foley… didn’t get what you needed during production? Get it here.

In some cases you’re running low on time and the elements could be against you on set. In other cases you want the ability to enhance or add on to the environments of your project or complement sound already recorded. With the miracle that is Foley and automated dialogue replacement (ADR), you will have the perfect sound edited according to industry standards.

Most of the time, Foley is used to enhance and increase the sound quality in your film. It could be the background of extras walking around, or a distant cry of a bird. This method is usually used to set up the environment as believable and real. For the perfectionist sound designers, they take pride if the audience doesn’t notice their work. To go unnoticed means they have successfully achieved a setting that feels real. Their time is devoted to replicating and sometimes completely replacing sounds for the benefit of a coherent establishment.

While there may be set backs and hiccups on set, this could affect the way sound is recorded. Luckily, we have the ability to replace and strengthen performances through ADR and voice over (VO). Whether it’s a creative choice like narration or the mic accidentally picked up unwanted sounds during a performance, our engineers will work with you and the talent to correct and restore the sound it deserves.

Our intimate booths provide the sense of privacy that your talent will require to get in character and deliver the goods.

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