Distributor Liaising

Real coverage from real distributors & studios

Established filmmakers always pitch their next project to distributors and studios before producing the movie–sometimes to determine how much interest there is, and other times to try preselling the picture.  Regardless, they never produce a film without first making sure there’s a market for it, and nor should you.  S&R has established relationships with over 1,000 all-rights distributors, studios, and buyers both in the United States and internationally.  For approved* projects, S&R will pitch and get coverage & consideration from distributors and buyers**.

Studio Package


The following items are delivered to you:

  • Full line item budget
  • Budget top sheet as separate file
  • Shooting schedule
  • Day out of Days cast shooting chart
  • Marketplace script coverage
  • Investor deck delivered in PDF format
  • 30 hours consulting with dedicated acquisitions executive
  • Distributor liaising
  • Talent agency liaising
  • Production and talent contracts

S&R’s roster of UPMs are also available for bondable budgets & schedules with hire.  Bondable post-production items are guaranteed via S&R’s post house, Sugar Studio.  Please contact us for more information.

Other pre-production services and packages are available here: S&R Pre-Production Services

*S&R values its distributor, studio, and buyer relationships, and to protect those relationships, will therefore only submit projects to the aforementioned contacts once a client’s screenplay is approved by a managing member of Scatena & Rosner Films LLC.
**S&R will only submit client’s projects to distributors, studios, and buyers who are appropriate for each respective project.  For example, and for clarity, a science fiction thriller script would not be submitted to Comedy Central, nor would a low-budget single location dramatic screenplay be submitted to Lionsgate.  Each submission must be justified in the opinion of a managing member of Scatena & Rosner Films LLC.