Executive Consulting

A seasoned veteran to guide you down the right path in pitching and packaging.

S&R was built on the premise that the film industry is not any riskier than other business. A dedicated S&R acquisitions exeuctive will be on hand to answer your hard questions, and provide guidance that is otherwise earned with years of successes and failures.

The industry’s “risky” moniker was earned by the droves of aspiring filmmakers who refused to recognize that business of filmmaking is in fact a business. And like any other business, the trick to protecting your investment is to make a product you know your buyers want. Nothing against filmmaking purely for the art of it, but here at S&R, we enjoy the challenge of making artistic motion pictures while still achieving commercial relevance. So, if you’re goal is to produce a movie that earns not just accolades, but also revenue, then allow S&R to help you on the journey.

Executive consulting services are a part of both the Professional and Studio Packages.

Professional Package


The following items are delivered to you:

  • Full line item budget
  • Budget top sheet as separate file
  • Shooting schedule
  • Day out of Days cast shooting chart
  • Marketplace script coverage
  • Investor deck delivered in PDF format
  • 15 hours consulting with dedicated acquisitions executive

S&R’s roster of UPMs are also available for bondable budgets & schedules with hire.  Bondable post-production items are guaranteed via S&R’s post house, Sugar Studio.  Please contact us for more information.

Other pre-production services and packages are available here: S&R Pre-Production Services