Marketplace Script Coverage

The first step in showing your investors they are in safe hands.

Marketplace coverage is not your standard screenplay coverage. Unlike standard script coverage that focuses on the quality of the script and story, marketplace coverage analyzes the script from the point of view of distributors and investors.

Marketplace Screenplay Coverage Package


Analysis and grading of the following items:

  • Professionalism pass (grammar, syntax, story structure based on industry standards)
  • Estimation on lowest realistic below-the-line budget
  • Ranking of appropriate distribution companies worldwide based on genre
  • Recommended high/low budget ranges based on recent marketplace sales on comparable projects*
  • Recommended name talent justifying each budget range
  • Recommended shooting locations ranked for their tax incentive values versus appropriateness for the script

S&R executes analyses based on its own historical statistics while also leveraging it numerous industry partnerships and relationships with major and minor distributors to gather the most accurate and up-to-date valuation data available.

Every successful production company does some form of their own internal marketplace coverage, and S&R’s Marketplace Coverage brings this advantage to you.  Producing a great film with unorthodox structure and unknown actors might get you into a major festival and garner huge sales, but it’s a big risk.  Studios and major production companies take risks as well, but they take calculated risks.

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