Film Publicity and Marketing

Get the media attention and audience exposure your film deserves.

S&R PR Clients Have Been Featured in Major Publications Including

S&R Films offers film PR & marketing services specifically tailored for feature films. With a press database of over 10,000 domestic media outlets, we deliver nationwide and regional coverage for film clients of all sizes. Our marketing staff are all experts in their specific focuses, and have proven their abilities over numerous entertainment and non-entertainment verticals. Our marketers are experienced in all forms of film marketing including both B2B and B2C traditional advertising, digital marketing, strategic media partnerships, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing strategy (paid SEM), and organic social media marketing.

S&R’s film marketing and publicity services provide comprehensive and calculated campaigns that take the unique properties of each film to strategize the optimal approach with your specific goals in mind.

Film Marketing – Business to Consumer (B2C)

Focused more on introducing your film to audiences before your premiere date?  S&R’s film marketing staff will book your cast and crew for published, television, and radio interviews, while ensuring our media contacts plug you, your title, and release information prominently.  Critics worldwide will be provided with secure screeners so you can start building your reviews, while advertising campaigns will introduce your film to the target audience on content-based websites.  On the social side, our social media team will engage the right demographics while also encouraging new fans to follow your film’s social media accounts (averaging 15-35 new organic followers per platform per day, and with an average of 25% web traffic to URLs of your choice).

Film Marketing – Business to Business (B2B)

Film marketing clients whose movies are still in the marketplace need to stand out to global buyers, and with the market becoming evermore saturated, deploying calculated strategies is vital for B2B success–don’t just rely on sales representatives.  To make sure your film is seen by buyers both domestically and internationally, a marketing and ad campaign will be designed to both increase exposure in industry trades such as Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, while also targeting comparable publications internationally.  Offline and in-print, S&R has a large database of press local to Los Angeles, and New York, and can produce red carpet press screenings in beautiful name theaters–giving not only the press something to talk about, but all the industry insiders something to Tweet about.  Our B2B clients may come to us with no publicity, but they’ll leave us having left an impression on the filmmaking industry.

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