Digital Marketing

Where the indies can surpass the studios with a little elbow grease.

Digital marketing is where low-budget independents can truly shine, and with so many moviegoers consuming their movie content digitally and on the go, digital strategies can surgically focus on your exact target demographic, while increasing the likelihood of new audience exposure.

Rank high on key Google searches.

Prior to a film’s release date, establishing your web presence is the first step. This includes your website and all social media accounts. Once these are launched, our team will focus on building your SEO to trend well (high SERP) for your film title, top talent, and any niche topics affiliated with your picture.

5 to 10 new real follows/likes per day.

Meanwhile, our social team will work on creating focused quality content for broadcast through all your aforementioned platforms. With consistent content being published, the social team will then shift gears and focus on building your social media following, so that on your release date, you have a built-in platform to jump start sales. Our social team averages growth of anywhere from 5 to 10 new followers per day on film accounts; we average 7-15 new followers per day on personal accounts. And these following/liking accounts are real people, not bots, or farmed accounts.

Strategic partners to expand your audience

We pick apart every client’s project to determine what unique attributes can be leveraged for creating in-kind promotional partnerships. We don’t rely exclusively on building your custom audience from scratch; we use other organizations’ hard work to our benefit–saving time and money.

SEM to drive digital platforms

For those with a flexible budget, focused pay-per-click advertising campaigns can help drive traffic to your iTunes and Amazon profiles to boost or jump start sales.