Film Publicity

Garnering media and critic attention is the tip of your marketing spear.

S&R Films has a database of over 10,000 domestic media and critic contacts. This database includes insider contacts and every major national outlet such as People and Time, a wide variety of regional press from large and small cities alike, and special interest outlets including trades.

Publicity for your film should begin before you even start shooting, but in any case, the sooner the better. A well-defined PR strategy will first focus on consistent coverage in the film trades such as Variety, and The Hollywood Reporter. This first phase can prove priceless in its ability to expose your project to potential buyers worldwide.

Once your film is completed, and release dates are announced, shifting the publicity focus from trades to nationals, regionals, and special interests will start exposing your film to your target demographic.

Last, but not least, providing pre-release screeners to critics provides the ability to strategically boost interest from taste makers immediately preceding your premiere date.