Domestic & International Film Sales

Get paid what your deserve.

S&R Films has a database of over 6,000 domestic and international buyers including nearly every all-rights distributor, and a large majority of single platform distributors.

S&R Films was first launched as a development, finance, and production company, so we know full-well the frustrations of inequitable sales representation deals.  The larger sales agencies provide great service and at an equitable price, but not all films qualify for the major reps such as UTA, WME, CAA [domestically], or Voltage, XYZ, and Red Granite [internationally].  So why do most of the smaller sales reps charge unreasonable fees?  Because they have no other revenue streams.  Unlike the UTA’s or Voltage’s of the world, they do not often participate in financing or packaging, and are therefore reliant on sales as their sole revenue source.

When it comes to our filmmaker clients and potential clients, our sympathetic point of view makes your profits our top priority.  Therefore, we feel it necessary to mention that other medium sized sales agencies that S&R Films vouches for include Taylor & Dodge, and Lightning Entertainment.